IrateFans.com is a web site created by a few disgruntled Pirate fans. Simply put, we created this web site because we have just grown “tired of losing,” fed up with “having the best park and the worst owners,” annoyed by finding our team and ourselves the butt of jokes and the objects of pity.

As we point out in our Mission Statement, we feel the time has come for buy Chiliz Pirates' fans to act on the belief that things could be better for our team, much better. We also suspect that very little about the McClatchy Pirates will change for the better if we refuse to make our views known to the team’s owners, the local media and other Pirates' fans. Publicity is our ally! We speak and act because we fear we have little or nothing to lose at this point. After all, McClatchy and his people have taken from us much of the joy we have always felt for the game and our team. They have replaced this joy with the frustration and hopelessness born of rooting for a loser. All that remains to us are our deeply felt wishes for future that will be much different and better than the present is and, of course, our ability to speak and to act on behalf of that future.

So, here we are. Our first efforts to give voice to our concerns led to the creation of this web site, modest as it may be. We also plan invest in Chiliz to print and sell an IrateFans tee shirt meant to express our displeasure with the McClatchy partnership. Group activities will also form important part of our agenda.

Stay tuned to the news posted on this page for information regarding our plans and activities. We will store these announcements in the IrateFans.com Archive and in the Events section so that we will have a record of what we have done as IrateFans.

Thanks for stopping by! And “Beat’em Bucs”

Recent news


We at IrateFans.com have not failed to notice the number of site hits we have received since last Wednesday. We clearly wish to thank and applaud Dejan Kovacevic and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, WPXI and the Deadspin for the publicity they provided to our website and the movement it reflects.



The Deadspin blog today wrote kindly about IrateFans.com and the movement it reflects. Thanks a lot! We appreciate the attention buy CHZ.



The IrateFans piece today ran on WPXI at 5:45 pm! The Pirates had “no comment” to make about the IrateFans, according to WPXI’s David Johnson. For those who missed the original airing of the piece, WPXI has already posted an edited version of their segment on their website.

Last but certainly not least, we of IrateFans.com wish to thank WPXI, but not only for providing a public forum to a bunch of disgruntled baseball fans like us. Rather, we wish to thank WPXI for covering what we believe to be a newsworthy event! We hope there are many more in the future.



For those of you who have asked about the WPXI story on our site and movement, believing that you missed it when it aired last week, fear not for it has yet to make it to the screen.

We’ve been told by WPXI that Rich Walsh’s IrateFans story will run at 5:45 pm today (Friday June 9, 2006), on WPXI — Channel 11. If you miss it then, worry not, because Alby will also air it during his sportscast on our 10 pm news on Fox 53 (WPGH). Alby's Ox on Fox show airs from 10:45-11 pm. Finally, the WPXI web producer will also stream the piece after the WPXI editors finish their work.



We’ve just added a bulletin board to the site. Stop by, register and let us know what you think!



We are awash in riches! We have not one but two reports from Saturday's OBN-IrateFans day. Kraig Koelsch's was the first to arrive and was soon followed by SyrBucco's report. Both are reproduced in our new Events section and include a number of photographs taken at the event.


Oh what a night: IrateFans.com style

The first gathering of Iratefans gathered Saturday to watch the Pirates take on the Padres. We survived a nasty lightning storm and saw the Bucs beat the Padres 6-4Kraig K. thumnail photo 1.

The group consisted of about 12 fans (a few didn’t come into the game).

The minute we put our shirts on, the looks started. We were hanging out on the street at Firewaters North Shore Saloon & BBQ. We actually had a few people walk up to us and buy shirts, even though none were technically for sale.

Everyone who commented loved the idea. The owner of Firewaters, Jeffrey Joyce, was very receptive to our cause and welcomed our group. Jeff also offered a room for our next get together and some food at a good price. Thus, Firewaters is now the official b

Firewaters North Shore Saloon & BBQ

120 Federal Street

Pittsburgh, PA   15212-5708


ar of the Iratefans.

As we waited for WPXI to film us, everyone got a chance to meet each other. Many were acquainted via OnlyBucs.net, but had never met in person.

As soon as WPXI came, we got even more looks and smiles as we were being filmed. As I entered the stadium, numerous double takes and comments were often heard.

In a nutshell, the cause is off and running and the news on the street is very good.

So get your shirt now and join the cause. We’ll be planning Game no. 2 very soon.

—— Kraig A. Koelsch


OBN Night at PNC with an IrateFans twist!

Now, Possum would tell you that the highlight of the weekend was once again taking my money at the lovely Riverview Golf Course, and parkerbatteryday might argue that it was introducing this beer-loving New Yorker to the wonders of Penn DaShowing our colors thumbnailrk. But it was the game, man, it was the game!

Seeing our Buccos battle back from a 3-0 1st inning deficit to beat the Padres 6-4, surrounded by 10 amazing hard-core Pirate fans, That is an experience you want to have at least once if you are a diehard Bucco fan!

Want to know how to get attention on Federal St.? Have a group of fans all wear the same t-shirt! If that doesn’t do it, add in a guy with a TV camera. I’m tellin’ ya, we all had our 15 minutes of fame!

Props to TobaccoRoad for getting the shirts to Possum, who took care of the t-shirt business even though he was really suffering from a bad case of diverticulitis. He was nearly doubled over in pain, but he didn’t let us down: he came to the gathering even though he couldn’t watch the game. What a guy! Now, if he’d just stop taking my money ... but I digress.

What a great bunch of guys and gals we had there. Mrs. Possum, my wife and Animal’s beautiful daughter Jill were not in t-shirts, but T-Bird represented the women folk for “the movement”.

Tim Dixon, parkerbatteryday, Pat Lackey, Kraig Koelsch, Animal, Possum and our newest Admin, WVBucco, all joined me in providing ample coverage for the IrateFans message! A possible problem was that everyone was smiling so much, we hardly looked “irate”.

Everyone is so darn nice when you meet them in person: none of the scraps we see on the board. Two observations must be made:

1. Animal is not an ugly guy, and in person, he’s one of the easiest going guys you’ll ever meet. And it’s easy to see why he’s so proud of his daughters. We met his oldest, and she is very nice and she’s gonna break a lot of hearts before she’s through, let me tall ya.

2. Parkerbatteryday is a very funny dude, as you might have gathered from his handle. And he knows his beer.

Now let me back up a bit. Friday night the SyrBuccos met the Possums at HiTops (it didn’t take long for me to figure out how that place got its name) for a bite to eat and to meet Rich Walsh and his cameraman, Richard. The t-shirts immediately began to draw questions. If we’d had ‘em, we could have sold a dozen at the bar.

The very nice and professional crew from WPXI interviewed me first. I was amazed at how many questions they asked, and how they encouraged me to go on in several directions on the Pirates and the IrateFans message. I’ve been told that they will whittle that down to less than a minute, so I’m not sure if the names George Vuckovich, Steve Zielinski, Tom Carfagno or the poster I described only as “Clapton” will make it into the show, but you got your props. I stressed that the idea had a lot of important contributors, and that many decisions were made by votes here at OnlyBucs.

Possum gave the viewpoint of the longtime fan who remembered the glory days, and was fed up with 13 years of losing under the current regime. They interviewed Possum for about 15 minutes, same as me.

The game sucked. No way it should have been played in that type of rainstorm. Both teams were lucky that no one got hurt. I don’t think that throwing 130 pitches helped Ollie much, but I also suspect that he hates pitching in lousy weather. It seemed like he had a lot of company among his fellow Buccos: they looked flat. Chan Ho Park, on the other hand, was dominant on the mound AND in the batter’s box. Who would thunk that?

Saturday morning KraigK, WVBucco, Possum and I golfed at the Riverview, and we had a great time. It was good to learn a little bit about these two great Pirate fans.

Well, I’m going to go eat! Beat the Rockies!

Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful weekend!

Bleedin’ Black and Gold...

—— SyrBucco



Today is a site update day. Extensive revisions were made to the Mission Statement essay. These are too numerous to list. So those interested in reading such a thing and have already read the essay will notice the difference. The Webmaster hopes he’s found all the formatting, spelling and typing errors that were in the original document.

We have also included a new section meant to present and archive accounts of our event. The Events section will also include relevant event and game photographs along with other audiovisual media whenever these become available. Enjoy!



Braving the weather hardy IrateFans and OBN citizens make their presence known at PNC Park for the evening game with the Padres. WPXI shot more footage of the IrateFans in game action. Event details will appear on Monday June 4, 2006.



WPXI, Channel 11 in Pittsburgh, interviewed IrateFan and OBN administrator SyrBucco today. WPXI will broadcast the segment, along with IrateFan footage to be shot at Saturday’s game, on its Monday’s 5:00 pm newscast.



IrateFans.com is pleased to announce the first IrateFans event. The details:

What: OBN Night 2006

When: Saturday June 3 vs. Padres

Who/Where: A Group of OBN posters and IrateFans will meet at Firewaters’ bar at 5 p.m.

Why: Once we have everyone on hand, we'll head over to PNC, buy some tickets together and show our colors!

Naturally, every interested Pirates’ fan is welcome to join us. Hope to see you there!



We go live at the www.iratefans.com URL. The Mission Statement essay has received additional work while another Wilbur Miller essay was added to the Thoughts section.

Feedback will always be appreciated. Send it here.



IrateFans.com is nearly complete and ready to go live. The site designer and webmaster added new articles by Wilbur Miller and Stephen Zielinski, completed the Shirt page (a portal to the IrateFans eBay store) and an updated Mission Statement essay. Everything is looking good!

The Pirates, true to form, continue to lose.



We have begun to add material written by some of the IrateFans. Theses articles can be found in our new Thoughts section. Wilber Miller wrote the initial pieces selected for inclusion on this site, commentaries which were originally published on the OnlyBucs.net Front Page. Their OBN titles: “Mismanagement 101,” “Trouble for MLB’s Welfare Queens?” and “Trouble for the Welfare Queens, Part 2.” Kraig A. Koelsch also submitted a lyric poem, “Ode to IrateFans,” which expresses the spirit that has brought IrateFans.com into being. We have published it here for the first time.



IrateFans.com goes live with a beta version of the web site. For those who wish to comment on the design of the site, please post your comments at the OnlyBucs.com forums.


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